Jann Marius Dahle is Kango´s Stein Massiv. Born in the province town of Harstad, way up in the northern part of Norway, he grew up listening to hip-hop, Depeche Mode, hardcore, punk, metal & Kiss records. In `84 Kango started doing graffiti, breakdance & rap, then in 87' he started to DJ in at a local youthclub.

As a 18 year old he moved to Tromsø, the capitol of electronic music in Norway, went to different houseparties & listened more and more to disco, soul, funk, acid & housemusic.

After hearing Underground Solution with the beautiful 'Luv Dancing through' on Strictly Rhythm Kango decided to do housemusic . He used to buy Belgian techno and lots of ambient from Geir Jensen(Biosphere). He started to work at a local radiostation called 'Brygga Radio' where he got to know people like Bjørn Torske & Rune Lindbæk. Some of his most trademarks records are also inspired by the same people.


Kango´s Stein Massiv got a lot attention for his releases at the Norwegian label called Trailerpark Records. For Example from Michael Mayer, Headman and Andrew Weatherall, Steve Bug & Prins Thomas, Idjut Boys, DJ T and M.A.N.D.Y.. Since 92' Kango has been playing as a DJ in clubs like Fabric, Panorama Bar & the MBF/Kompakt party in Cologne and and the mega night FUN at WEEK-END in Berlin.


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Vinterstid I Harstad EP (TRAILERPARK REC., 2002)

Fersk Fest EP (TRAILERPARK REC., 2004)

Gul Klister EP (TRAILERPARK REC., 2004)

Loding EP (TRAILERPARK REC., 2004)

Ting æ like te mat EP (MY BEST FRIEND, 2005)

Lettbeint Liten Sak EP (TRAILERPARK REC., 2006)





Maks Krøll EP (TAMBURIN, 2002)





This is the Way EP (SLIP 'N' SLIDE BLUE, 2000)

Barakan EP (Estereo, 2001)


High Above LP (BEATSERVICE, 2001)

High Above EP (Estereo, 2001)

High Above / Jazz Cafe EP (Estereo, 2001)


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