Artur 8 made a great DJ Mix for the gomma podcast. Follow this link to listen to or to download his "Live from Vulcano Dance" Mix:



A veteran international DJ and promoter Artur8 teams up with a young nudisco wizard Max Skiba for a unique club project known as King of Kong.


Artur Korycinski spent his most creative post-teenage years in Berlin, where collaborations with then-emerging magazine Lodown resulted finally in first appearance behind the decks. Since his very first gig back in 1994, Artur became both an avid record collector, and always competent and party-inducing DJ.


Drawing inspirations from literally all over the place - Italian soundtracks, Chicago house, Detroit techno, classic Loft-styled disco Artur continues to amuse club audiences worldwide, be it Moscow, London, Gent or Barcelona.


Moving to Warsaw, Artur soon become one of the most consequent and daring promoters in town. Running several nights - Nova Versja being the most recognizable - in virtually all of the best clubs of given moment, he managed to bring to Polish audience artists of the highest quality available. From Metro Area and Daniel Wang, Todd Terje to Glimmers, Juan Maclean to Quiet Village - dozens of artists enjoyed unparalleled vibe and hospitality playing out in the capital of Poland.


As a music director, Artur helped to create the first ever East-European electronic music festival on a really international scale - Astigmatic took place in Plock in 2003. Combining top lineup with amazing location, it was followed by subsequent editions.


In 2008, Artur curated a CD-compilation released as a part of Warsaw's campaign to become a European Capital of Culture. Titled "Astigmatic inspired by Chopin", it assembled the crop of today's electronic club music performers to reinvent the music of this great Polish composer. Gathering artists representing such labels like Ed Banger, Eskimo or Gomma, it also proved to be an international success, as well as intriguing cross-genre experiment.


For now, Artur concentrates on his King of Kong project, also animating further events and careers of emerging artists.


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