Paris born, Cédric Marszewski, first started as a dj & Hip Hop producer in the mid 9O’s, providing futuristic soul beats to various French & US indie rappers such as Mike Ladd. His influences ranges from the 60’s Motown sound to Detroit Techno pioneer such as Anthony Shakir or Chicago house shuffle master, Green Velvet. After producing a few 12 on various French & foreigh indie labels, he joined Benjamin Diamond’s Diamond Traxx label (of Stardust fame) in 2000. He produced a few well acclaimed tracks for the label amongst them, « Can’t there be love », a soulful cut-up track, and a hip hop 12 « a Peu Prés ». The same year, he met the infamous D-I-R-T-Y crew, with whom he shared the same love for leftfield pop music in general. Together they started the Dirty edits serie, a serie of limited 12 displaying their taste for trippy music with soul.The serie was aimed to highlight forgotten tracks they love, whatever style of music The idea was to apply the Disco editing process to non-disco tracks. From Can to Edwin Starr, Jackson Jones to Del Shannon, The D-I-R-T-Y edits started to gain recognition amongst music lovers worldwide, & big support from everyone in the dj world from Laurent Garnier to Simian, Tiga to Yvan Smagghe. Uk Major companies started to show high interest and Warner Uk decided to re-release Pilooski’s edit of Frankie Valli’s classic northern soul tune, « Beggin’ ». The track got worldwide exposure, as well as airplays from well established radio such as Radio 1, BBC, and the status of a cult song in the pages of the very official The Guardian UK newspaper.



In 2007, The D-I-R-T-Y crew launched the Alainfinkielkrautrock blog with a few friends & teamed up with Joakim’s label Tigersushi to release The Space disco compilation, a selection of spaced out originals & PSKI edited tracks as well as a 12 on the same label, (including the « Hai Samurai » edit). PSKI’s production skills led him to do remixes for labels like 679, Domino, Warner, Atlantic, & upcoming productions for labels like Stones Throw, Peacefrog, Rush Hour & the well-established Verve jazz label.



Earlier this year, PSKI & fellow D-I-R-T-Y producer, Pentile released The first 12 of their Discodeine project, « Texas Gladiator », a mix of Ennio Morricone dark cinematic atmosphere & the techno/funk of early electro pionner, Georges Clinton. Again they got immediate support from main djs everywhere, and were voted freshest upcoming Artists of 2008 in various French & foreign magazines. They’re putting the finishing touch to a Discodeine lp at the moment, that should see the light pretty in 2008 on the D-I-R-T-Y label. They also finished remixes for people like Cosmo Vitelli, Photonz & The Chromatics.

As a dj, PSKI has been touring the world & played clubs such as Fabric, The End, Sao Paulo’s Vegas, Lisbon’s Lux club, NY’s APT, Sweden’s Berns amongst others & is about to perform & tour in Australia, Moscow, Barcelona Sonar’s festival, Greece’s Synch festival. Les Nuits Sonores festival, France’s biggest Electronic music festival…

His sets are an ecclectic mix of soul, Disco, electro, rock & techno, highly influenced by the power of funk.


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A peu près (Diamond Traxx)

Can’t there be love (Diamond Traxx)

The Wizzard (Astro-lab)

Juicy Sweddish girl feat Mike Ladd (Astro-lab)

A Digital Catastrophee (Omerta Registrazione)

Discodeine : Ring Mutilation/Tema Di Gama (D-I-R-T-Y)

D-I-R-T-Y edits :



Frankie Valli : Beggin’ (Pilooski edit) (Warner)

Frankie Valli : The night (Pilooski edit) (Warner)

Frankie Valli : Who loves you (Pilooski edit) (Warner)

King Creosote : You have no clue you (Pilooski edit) (679)

Benjamin Diamond : Out of myself (Pilooski edit) (Diamond Traxx)

Von Suddenfed : Rhinohead (Domino records)

Remi Nicole : Go mr Sunshine (Warner)

Nina Simone : Takin’ care of business (Verve US)

Bottox : Babylon by car (Discodeine remix) (I’m A Cliché)

Photonz : Trembler (Discodeine remix) (D-I-R-T-Y)

Hai Samurai (Pilooski edit) (Tigersushi)

Clara mondshine : Die Drachentrommier (Pilooski edit) (Tigersushi)

John Miles : Stranger in the city (Pilooski edit) (Tigersushi)



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