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TOMAS BARFOD aka TOMBOY - one guy many hats. Barfod is one of the most important figures in the Danish clubscene, he is mostly known from his solo work and as a drummer / producer in the band Whomadewho. With releases on labels like Get Physical, Kitsuné, Gomma and Turbo. But recently he has had great succes with other music related activities like founding the label Tartelet and doing bookings for Copenhagen Distortion festival.



Tomas have played drums since he was 10 years old, but at some point in his late teens he bought a recordplayer, an Atari and an Akai mono-sampler. He slowly started djing and producing housemusic. Since then (late 90's) he have been doing loads of club oriented music, both alone and together with different partners and on different labels. After some years in the electronic clubscene the live music was slowly catching in on him again, and he startet Whomadewho with two fellow danes, where he plays drums and produce.



For 'Tomboy' / Tomas Barfod the kickstart came with the acid / disco 12" series on Gomma records, shortly afterwards came releases on Get Physical, Kitsune and Turbo, where 'Samba' and 'I.K. Guitar' became clubbangers. Tomboy also is a much requested remixer and have done remixes of such diverse artists as Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, Lance de Sardi, Digitalism, Telex, Chromeo, Asia Argento just to name a few. As a dj he played legendary clubs like Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Weekend (Berlin), Bar 25 (Berlin), Goa (Roma), Magazini Genarali (Milan),

Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Lux (Portugal), Social Club (Paris).



Tomas has been involved in many different constalations. The most important is Whomadewho, who have released two albums and have been touring the whole world from New York to Sydney and been playing the most significant clubs and festivals like Sonar, Glastonbury, Melt and 10 days off. Old friend Kasper Bjørke has also been important with their project Filur. With Fredski (Tartelet label partner) Tomas recently did two ep's on Get Physical and the track 'Swan Lake' made it to the records bag of all important house djs and climed to number 7 at the main Beatport youtube for 'Barfod' and 'Swan lake' and you will see. In addition Tomas has been working with many danish acts from upcoming indietronica band Giana Factory to Punk legend Steen Jørgensen and majorleague producer Anders Trentemøller with whom Tomas produced the classic 'Copenhagen'. Recently he produced 'Bubububadub' together with MHM 1, the track (which actually feature vocals by Whomadewho) made it to Loco Dice's 'The Lab' complilation and in Ricardo

Villalobos' recordbag.



As the head of bookings of Copenhagen Distortion Barfod has been taking part in developing the festival into one of Scandinavias most important contemporary festivals. In 2008 Barfod also founded the Label tartelet with fellow dane Fredski - Tartelet is known for their hand-drawn 'anti-Versace' artwork and many quality releases from producers like Waraika, Claude Von Stroke, Ink & Needle, Mhm 1 and offcause Tomas himself. German magazine De:Bug wrote that Tartelet is one of 2009’s most important labels and a very diverse pool of djs are supporting - from Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Richie Hawtin to Erol Alkan, Duke Dumont and Brodinski.


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1 EP (Gomma, 2004)

2 EP (Gomma, 2005)

3 EP (Gomma, 2005)

4 EP (Gomma, 2006)

Samba EP (Kitsuné, Feb 2006)

Seriøs DJ Album Sampler (Gomma, 2007)

Seriøs LP (Gomma, 2007)



For full discography have a look at tomboys discogs profile:


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