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The KDMS: High Wire/ No Sad Goodbyes


Here it comes: The new slowdisco bomb of Kathy Diamond and Max Skiba aka THE KDMS. Itís their second 12" release on Gomma, but already the buzz is big. Their last Gomma -single "Never Stop Believing" (including the infamous house remix by New York DJ legend NICKY SIANO) was huge with DJs from Pilooski to Holy Ghost, Sweeney to Aeroplane. And it is quite sure that the new one will get no less attention. "High Wire" can easily be described as a little masterpiece. Just listen to it one time and it will stay in your head.



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Maximilian Skiba - APPLE OF DISCO.RD Ep (12") FOUR 2006

Randez - Vous Over Mars (12") Boxer Recordings 2005



Ajello - I Wanna Be Italian Too (12") Mantra Vibes 2005


Tracks Appear On:

Boxer Compilation Vol.1 (CD) Transcendental Dinkiness Boxer Recordings 2005

Dirty Dancing - Histoire D'Amour (2xCD) Transcendental Dinkiness - Dirty Dancing Recordings 2006

Picture Of Now (CD) track: Invasion Over Mars - Scandium Records 2006




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