Born in Northern California, Daniel Wang spent 8 years of his childhood in

Taiwan, returned to California for high school, and attended university in

New York and Chicago to study literature and languages. In his youth he

imagined that he would follow an academic career. How wrong he was!

Obsessed with "the beautiful sounds of yesterday," Daniel started his

innovative Balihu Records label in 1993. He moved back to NYC and worked 5

years at Dr. Sound Music Store, delving deeply into vintage gear and synths,

including the Theremin.

Wang began producing for the Environ label in 1997. He has DJ'd and

performed around the world, but he feels he is still just beginning. From

his new home/studio in Berlin, Wang puts the world on notice: "With the

spirit of Karen Carpenter and Clara Rockmore guiding me, here come

classical-reggae and nu acid-disco for 2004!"


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The Look Ma No Drum Machine EP (Balihu, Apr 1991)

Aphroasiatechnubian EP (Balihu, 1995)

The Morning Kids (Balihu, 1996)

Chroma Oscura EP (Balihu, 1996)

The Probe, The Strobe EP (Balihu, 1996)

Mood Mylar EP (Balihu, 1997)

Cristal Plastique EP (Balihu, 1997)

Subtle Shuttle EP (Balihu, 1998)

I Was A Disco Malcontent LP (OMW, 1998)

The Mechanical Birds EP (Environ, 1998)

Silver Trophies EP (Environ, 2000)

Idealism LP (Environ, 2001)

Nocturnes EP (Environ, 2001)

Deutsch-Chinesische Hemmungslosigkeit EP (Balihu, 2002)

Panoramic EP (Playhouse, 2002)

Berlin Sunrise EP (Ghostly International, 2004)

Echo By Midnight / Roller Giggle EP (Daniel Wang / Carlos Hernandez) (Basenotic, 2004)

Sylver Belt / Love Do Me Right EP (Daniel Wang / Rocking Horse) (Eskimo, May 2005)


Remixes 1996/1999:

Gomi - Good Music For Good People (Balihu Mix) (OMW, 1996)

Bugging Becky (Balihu Mix) (Pleasure Music, 1999)


Remixes 2002/2003:

Block 16 - Electrokution (Brennan Green & Daniel Wang's Evolusive Mix) (Nuphonic / Balihu, 2002)

Charles Webster - Forget The Past (Brennan Green & Daniel Wang Remix) (Peacefrog, Nov 2003)

Crazy Penis - Keep On (Daniel Wang And Brennan Green "Vas Referens" Mix) (Paper Rec., Oct 2002)

Krater - Alpenmorgen (Daniel Wang & Brennan Green Mix) (Romklang, 2002)



VA - Sessions Vol. 3 - Come On Let's Fly - A Special Disco Mix From Daniel Wang (Music Mine Inc., 2005)


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